Patients requiring colon surgery can rely on Lake County Surgeons to apply the latest techniques. Hand assisted laparoscopic colon surgery provides the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to patients for whom open surgery was once the only option.

The hand assisted approach allows the surgeon access through a small incision to even more precisely guide the laparoscopic instruments. The surgeons' hand remains outside of the patient's body throughout the procedure. The process also includes two small incisions through which the laparascopic instruments are introduced along with a small camera. This approach enables to the surgeon to experience the same feel and touch of traditional open surgery but without the long incisions that were necessary before.

The benefits of this approach are substantial. Patients experience much shorter hospital stays, often a single week compared to six to eight weeks typical of the traditional open method. This technique also results in far less and often no pain suffered by the patient in recovery. With hand assisted laparoscopic colon surgery, patients often return to work and routine acitivities in a very short amount of time.

This technique has a wide range of applications.... benign diseases of the colon which include: inflammatory bowel disease, polyps and diverticular disease. It can also be used to manage patients with colorectal cancer.

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