Hemorrhoids are a common condition among both men and women in America. It is estimated that 50% of the population will have hemorrhoids in their lifetime. There are several varieties of hemorrhoids that plague adults. But new surgery techniques are safe, performed with little discomfort and highly effective. The physicians of Lake County Surgeons are highly trained and experienced in applying the latest techniques.

A modern procedure called "procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids" (PPH) has been introduced in the United States. It is minimally invasive and has been shown to help patients recover much quicker and with much less discomfort than conventional methods.

In clinical trials comparing PPH with conventional surgical techniques, PPH has been shown to offer to patients…

  • quicker outpatient procedure
  • a faster revovery time
  • greatly reduced incidents of compications
  • greatly reduced discomfort
  • less need for post-op pain medication

The doctors of Lake County General and Vascular Surgeons are recognized as some of the leading experts in successfully applying the latest hemorrhoid surgery techniques. They have treated many patients throughout Lake County, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin who have suffered from hemorrhoid conditions, from the simple to more advanced.

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